First of all we were pretty excited to be asked to develop and run the official “onsite” Insight Show Centaur survey.

Prior to “Team QuenchTec” decamping to the glamour of the capital we devised a short entrance/exit poll and a full survey to run on iPads which were located by the entrance and exit with the longer survey available to take at our stand. The running on the “onsite” survey gave visitors a chance to see Q_Survey in action and experience firsthand the ease of use and design capabilities as they tackled questions like:

Why did you attend? Did you find what you were looking for? Did your prospects attend the sessions? Were the speakers inspiring? What was the one thought that you took away with them?

 It was our first year launching QuenchTec at The Insight Show

 While QuenchTec has been formed since October last year this was our first real outing at a major trade event and, as befits an emerging brand leader, it seemed only right to lead the way, so we took a stand right at the entrance and powered the official onsite Insight Show Survey.

This was also the first public unveiling of “Steve” the QuenchTec Ninja, Steve was designed by our ace developer and senior architect Simon Vaarning and has become an integral part of the QuenchTec message… If there is ever a design issue, development conundrum or marketing matter to resolve a Zen like calm descends on the office with the team thinking “what would Steve do?” After designing our stand, complete with Steve the QuenchTec ninja front and centre, we had our multi-talented CTO Bjørn Grønli fix a screen on the wall of the stand, where we could host the live results of the survey on one of our all new Q_Dashboards.

Once we’d set up the stand, sorted out the iPads (not as easy as it sounds particularly given our one armed COO) and the doors opened on Day 1, we prepared ourselves for the stampede… and what a stampede it was, the doors literally burst open and visitors immediately started to take the entrance survey and, because of our excellent position by the entrance, our stand was quickly deluged with visitors (although they formed an orderly Q_) giving us the opportunity to run them through the entire range of QuenchTec application modules

  • Q_Panel
  • Q_Community
  • Q_Survey
  • Q_Alytics
  • Q_Dashboard

Allan Shaw on Insight Show TV

Yes it happened. Within 5 minutes of the doors opening, the cameras approached and Allan Shaw swallowed his normal reserve and rose to the occasion. We are expecting at least a Golden Globe for that winning smile, energised presentation and suave delivery. Watch the interview here

Day 1

The action never stopped. Day 1 was buzzing. People stopping on the stand to take part in the survey, chat and ask questions. We offered everyone who took part in our survey a bottle of QuenchTec water to help revive their thirst for market research technology! Our ninja warrior Steve took a lot of pressure on the QuenchTec stress balls, but he squeezed back mightily. Juggling, de-stressing, the ninja stress balls were popular with everyone.

Day 2

Day 2 and a steady flow of people and we enjoyed some good conversations and some lively interactions on the stand. With his arm in a sling after a ski injury, Mark Van Walwyk was spotted kneeling in honour of the power of the QuenchTec survey as the demos kept on rolling. Team QuenchTec – consisting of Dietmar Walter, Allan Shaw, Pål Sessing, Bjørn Grønli and Wendy Allen – were able to show people the live dashboard results of the survey, on the screen, as the day progressed.

Will we be back in 2018?

With Day 1 being topped off by the Research Club’s excellent networking session at the Hilton the whole show a huge success for QuenchTec (and Steve) and we owe thanks once again to the indefatigable Stewart Tippler for putting together and managing an outstandingly successful show.

Are we booking for 2018? We wouldn’t miss it for the world. Next year MWL and the Insight Show are swopping around halls in Olympia West. We’ll be there right there by the reception desk again, so watch that space.

Any questions?

If you have any questions or want to find out more about how QuenchTec market research technology can help you deliver your projects better, faster, easier, please get in touch:
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