Survey Design and Data Collection

Powerful research made simple

Use the most sophisticated, yet easy to use survey design tool and deploy your surveys across all channels, with a truly fully integrated multi mode data collection platform.

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Create engaging surveys and collect quality data through all channels

There is hardly anything you can not do with QuenchTec survey design and data collection. You will feel immediately at home and you will be surprised what can already be automated to make your life easier.

Multi mode

Once a survey is constructed, it can be deployed to multiple modes. All responses are collected into the same data set regardless of mode. Mobile, Web, online CAPI – and even offline Pen and Paper questionnaires.

Multi language

A survey can contain multiple languages which can be automatically detected or selected manually by the respondent. It is also possible to have different languages for different modes.

Version Control

All aspects of the system have version tracking and commenting built in; this means that everyone involved in the development knows who did what, when they did it and why it was done.

One system

Paper questionnaires can be exported automatically and formatted to Word or PDF. The online data collection engine automatically formats the questionnaire to the device whether PC, Tablet or phone and the survey will reformat if the user switches device half way through the survey.

Inverted Analysis

Our platform automatically inverts data and makes it available for analysis immediately. This means organising the data set by question/response rather than by respondent. This way of organising the data means that all analysis can be done extremely fast.

Missing data

The system automatically tracks if a question existed, if it was asked or not (due to routing), and (regardless of question type) if the user gave a response or not. By using this extra information, the analysis is greatly simplified.

Safe, Secure, Compliant

Our infrastructure is built on world class cloud infrastructure which gives you limitless capacity, secure and the peace of mind that the systems are compliant with all current data protection and privacy regulations.


Our API makes it possible to integrate Research Studio with your CRM system for use in customer satisfaction surveys, employee satisfaction and churn analysis.


Through the data model, our smart system knows which operations are allowed and meaningful, rather than relying on the users knowledge and input. This leads to a high degree of user friendliness and lowers the skill level and eliminates errors.

Over the years we’ve worked with hundreds of researchers and marketers to encode deep domain expertise and proven methodologies into our applications.

This way our clients can focus on generating the insights that shape business decisions without wasting time managing research processes.

QuenchTec allows me to do things that no other tool can – create exciting and engaging surveys that ensures data quality.

Line Victoria Nilsen

Commercial Analysis Manager,