Enterprise Intelligence Platform

Our Enterprise Intelligence Platform assists you in measuring the key drivers of future growth. With our Enterprise Intelligence Platform you can measure not just the what, but also the why behind the what that drives business success.




When developing our Enterprise Intelligence Platform we made a difference by introducing automation not only where appropriate but where it counts.

With QuenchTec solutions you are able to measure and manage in real time and in an automated way: 

  •  Customer Feedback
  • Customer Services Satisfaction
  • Employee Satisfaction & Engagement
  • Partner and Supplier Satisfaction
  • Investor Satisfaction
  • Strategic Product and Market Evaluation

Our Enterprise Intelligence platform gets fully embedded into the business processes. We’ve invested heavily in developing API functionality that takes the power of our products and integrates it into our clients’ business processes.

QuenchTec has not only improved the efficiency of our operations but is also a value-added offering used in our sales efforts” Jason Zweig Vice President of Online Services, Canadian Viewpoint

Linking our powerful API suite to CRM or HR systems will allow you to streamline the management of many types of Enterprise Feedback projects, Customer Satisfaction and Employee Feedback are two simple examples.

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