Interactive questions are becoming more and more popular within market research, however most users struggle with the programming of this type of question. Q_Survey includes a library of interactive questions that can easily be inserted into a questionnaire.  No programming expertise is required, and all of the questions are full customisable by setting user options in the unique iQuest interface.

Interactive questions can make the survey more interesting and easier to complete for the respondent.  This directly leads to improved response rates and improved data quality.  Interactive questions also increase engagement and can help increase community member retention.

Q_Survey has wide range of interactive question types that help increase survey engagement. Below you will find examples showing of some of the questions and how they can be used.



Single Choice

Multiple choice

Multiple Choice

Multiple Choice with Images


Single Choice with Images



Coloured Slider


Standard Slider


Standard Grid Questions

Multiple Choice Scrolling Grid

Single Choice Scrolling Grid

Drag and drop

Drag & Drop

Drag & Drop with Images




Click Ranking

Ranking Drag & Drop

Numeric Questions

Interactive Numeric

Images & Video

Video Player

YouTube Video Player

Positive/Negative Click Test

Image Click Testing


Max Diff


Problems Solved

Date Picker

Email Validation

Stylesheet 1