We’ve been providing market research software since 2000.  We pride ourselves on our ability to provide our clients with powerful, simple to use software that has a significant return on investment.  At the core of our offering to clients is Q_Survey, a complete production system for market research offering a number of cost-cutting and time-saving features that provide instant benefits.


One simple system for everything


With Q_Survey you use the same productive, flexible and highly intuitive survey program for all your research requirements: just one tool to learn and one consistent approach.

There’s no longer any need to do the same thing twice. Question and survey libraries allow you to save time and standardise your methods – one multi-modal, single authoring tool means all of the programming and definitions are automatically created for any data collection mode, including scanning. Read more

Survey creation made simple


The questionnaire editor in Q_Survey helps most users find themselves immediately at home. Once started, users rapidly reach a high competence level. With just a couple of hours training most people find it easy to create a questionnaire. It is as easy to write content and commands as using Excel, Word or PowerPoint.

You’ll also find a full version control that track drafts, versions and published questionnaires, including who is responsible for any change.

Multi-modal data collection

Q_Survey allows you to set up questionnaires that can be used across multiple data collection modes. You can export paper questionnaires automatically and format to Word or PDF.

The online data collection engine automatically formats the questionnaire to the device whether PC, Tablet or phone and the survey will reformat if the user switches device half way through the survey.

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Process data in any way


A full suite of data management tools is included in Q_Survey. This suite of tools enables you to do all tasks of data preparation including swift tools for matching waves, appending new data, cleaning values, creating indexes, coding open ends etc. No need to export the data before the analysis stage.

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Analyse and process reports

Q_Survey includes a new analysis application called Superdig.

Superdig contains many features that makes it an excellent alternative to other, often more expensive, analysis tools. By combining an easy to use graphical interface containing many great features with an advanced analysis engine, Superdig makes a great companion.

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