Survey Creation Made Simple

With the questionnaire editor in QuenchTec, most users will immediately feel at home. Once you start, you can rapidly reach a high competence level. With just a couple of hours training most people can do will find it easy to create a questionnaire. It’s as easy to write content and commands as using Excel, Word or PowerPoint.

Interactive Questions

Dynamic Changes

Full scripting

You will also find full version control that track drafts, versions and published questionnaires, including who is responsible for any change.


Most users will immediately find themselves at home with the questionnaire editor in QuenchTec. If you can use Word or PowerPoint then you will be able to set up questionnaires in a few minutes.

Easy to use interface
Import questionnaires directly from Word or Excel
Clone Data sets to create questionnaires
Multi Modal Questionnaires
Enhanced questionnaire design and styling
Interactive questions using iQuest interface

QuenchTec allows me to do things that no other tool can – create exciting and engaging surveys that ensures data quality.

Line Victoria Nilsen

Commercial Analysis Manager, finn.no

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