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It’s easy to gather a list of email addresses and send out survey invites to them. However a well-managed panel is so much more than that. It takes an understanding of panellist behaviour and the right tools to be able to identify the people in your panel who work well for you and reward them. You also need to be able to find the individuals who can damage your panel’s reputation and remove them with no fuss.

Import any data

Reward respondents

Find the right people

When you’re looking for a panel management and sampling solution to cater for an existing database then QuenchTec is the answer.


Reasons to choose QuenchTec and our inbuilt Social Manager:

Our Data Import can bring back any data
We work with absolutely any data collection software
A responsive and engaging website with main pages,blog, forum, chat rooms and more
Run a single database with the ability for sub-panels/communities to be added
Allow panellists to be contacted directly from the sampling and panel management interface
Ring back outcome codes from surveys and survey answers

QuenchTec has not only improved the efficiency of our operations but is also a value-added offering used in our sales efforts. Jason Zweig

Vice President of Online Services, Canadian Viewpoint

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