Dig Out The Facts

The QuenchTec analysis and report tool Superdig contains many features that make it an excellent alternative to other, often more expensive, analysis tools. Superdig combines an easy to use graphical interface containing great features, with an advanced analysis engine, to make a perfect companion.

Full Office Support

Online Reports

Target Group Analysis

Superdig is probably the easiest and most comprehensive analysis tool available to non-experts. Anyone can create tables, charts, top-lines and even sophisticated target group analysis, by simple drag and drop.


Reasons why you should choose QuenchTec Superdig include:

Supports analysis of millions of interviews in a few seconds
Create tables and charts in minutes, not hours
Direct export to Excel, Word and PowerPoint
Easy to create online reports
Target Group Analysis
End To End Integration with the rest of the system
Import and transform all your SPSS .sav, Excel or Triple-S files

I recommend taking a look at the solutions that QuenchTec has to offer – I’m pretty sure that it will contribute to a higher productivity.

Mikael Ohlsson

Quality Manager, Novus

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