Data Processing

Process Data In Any Way

QuenchTec includes a full suite of data processing tools. This suite of tools enables you to do all the tasks of data preparation including swift tools for matching waves, appending new data, cleaning values, creating indexes, coding open ends etc. No need to export the data before the analysis stage.

Workflow Based

Schedule When To Run

Unrivalled Speed

Use the data processing tools in QuenchTec to enhance your survey data in almost any conceivable way. You can combine tools together to do multiple tasks in a sequence and schedule tasks to run whenever you want.


Reasons why you should choose QuenchTecs data processing tools include:

Code open-ended responses from survey questions
Automatically match data from several waves of a survey (typically a tracker)
Merge data from several sources, e.g. add panellist data, or other data like demographics from various sources
Create sub-samples and sub-surveys
Add sophisticated cleaning of data as well as creating new derived data, like indexes, top-bottom boxes etc
Rearrange the order of questions, create new data set with a subset of the questions, or create a filtered data set

We have integrated our CRM systems with QuenchTec’s automatic feedback system which was solved in a very simple and effective way.

Øystein Eriksen

CEO, One Call

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