Data Collection

Increase Your Response Rates

QuenchTec allows you to set up questionnaires that can be used across multiple data collection modes. You can export paper questionnaires automatically and format to Word or PDF.

99.98 % Uptime


Kiosk Mode


True Multi-Mode


The online data collection engine automatically formats the questionnaire to the device whether PC, tablet or phone. The survey will reformat if the user switches device half way through the survey.


Reasons why you should choose QuenchTec and Data Collection include:

Easy to use interface
Import questionnaires directly from Word or Excel
Clone Data sets to create questionnaires
Multi Modal Questionnaires
Enhanced questionnaire design and styling
Interactive questions using iQuest interface
Upload files as attachments to a response
Cloud infrastructure

QuenchTec has through a long experience in the field, an international network and a good portion of creativity and hard work, developed software solutions that speak with the respondent, not to the respondent. This engages the respondent and is the foundation of all good analysis.

John Lauring Pedersen

CEO, Opinion

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