Dig out the facts


Automatic import from Spss, Excel and Triple-s using our import wizard


Create tables, charts, target group analysis and more


Build reports & export to Office and online dashboards

Used by leading companies





“I recommend taking a look at the   solutions that QuenchTec has to offer –  I’m pretty sure that  it will contribute to a higher productivity.” Mikael Ohlsson

Quality Manager, Novus





“We have reduced the reporting time on many of our projects by 60-70%!”

Anne Gretteberg Meyer

Oslo Manager, Respons Analyse

“I wouldn’t recommend QuenchTec to others – I want to keep the competitive edge to ourselves!”

George Emiris

MD Middle East & Africa, Clusters

What makes Superdig stand out?

Dedicated Team

We want you to be successful with our tools and will assist where possible.

Intuitive Design

Everything is based on simple drag and drop functionality.

Windows and Mac

Superdig takes 1 minute to install and works on Windows and Mac OS X.



Full Office support

Publish to Word, Excel and PowerPoint using your own templates.

Target Group Analysis

Understand the data structure without using sophisticated statistical tools.

Import Wizard

Automatic import of SPSS .sav, Excel or Triple-S files.

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