At QuenchTec we’ve made a decision to focus our investment and development on online research, leading to an unrivalled range of technology products. Introducing Q_

Better, faster, easier – and automated where possible


You don’t have enough time…You need better results, simpler and faster. One of our fundamental principles is to improve the delivery of survey results with latest technology. How do we do it? By leaning heavily towards automated market research insight processes. With this philosophy at the heart of our thinking, we’ve developed our first series of market research software data tools, that aim to empower and automate your processes. Check out our products and services below, start to bring your shoulders down, relax and try a demo.

Q_Community is a scalable system that works for small online communities as well as large access panels. Create your website in your company style and choose the features that suit your community.

Q_Panel is the answer when you’re looking for a panel management and sampling solution to cater for an existing database.

With the questionnaire editor in Q_Survey most users will immediately feel at home. Once you start, you can rapidly reach a high competence level. With just a couple of hours of training most people find it easy to create a questionnaire.
Q_Alytics contains many features that makes it an excellent alternative to other, often more expensive, analysis tools. It combines an easy to use graphical interface containing great features with an advanced analysis engine, to make a perfect companion.

Trusted by leading companies

QuenchTec has not only improved the efficiency of our operations but is also a value-added offering used in our sales efforts.

Jason Zweig

Vice President of Online Services, Canadian Viewpoint

The programming ability within QuenchTec to develop the bespoke system was first class.

Patrick Diamond

Managing Director, Populus Data Solutions

Many users of simple systems could save themselves a lot of extra work if they chose to use a system like QuenchTec instead.

Kåre Sandvik

Professor, University College of southeast Norway

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