3 new solutions – talk to us at Research & Results


It was this time last year, at Research and Results 2016, when we first announced the formation of QuenchTec. We integrated our panel and sample solutions with our survey scripting and analysis tools, to produce seamless end-to-end market research software.

Now in 2017, we’ve moved ahead to launch our Solutions Team who offer a wide range of approaches for automating data collection and analysis. These have already proved to work well for agencies and agency clients. In this newsletter you can read more about some of the solution templates the team have developed. Flexible and innovative, we’re happy to talk about the best approach that works for you. Find out about our new solutions and talk to us at Research & Results in Munich

It’s sad news that Allan Shaw is stepping down as CEO of QuenchTec due to health reasons. He did an amazing job at bringing Mi-Pro and MARSC together to form QuenchTec and he will be much missed here at the hub. I’m taking over his role in the New Year and Nick Southwood has joined us as Sales Director. Together with all the team here at QuenchTec, we look forward to working with you.


A very warm welcome to Nick Southwood as new QuenchTec Sales Director. Nick and I will both be at Research & Results show in Munich on 25th October. Want to arrange a meetup?

Please get in touch: nick.southwood@quenchtec.com +44 (0)1306 621062


If you’d like to know more about how we can help make your life easier here at QuenchTec, please get in touch .

Mark Van Walwyk

CEO QuenchTec

3 new solutions

1. Insight Generation Platform

We have created a fully integrated operating system for corporate insight generation. All the way from research design and respondent management to data collection, analysis and reporting.

Key benefits:

An end to end solution that drives process efficiency

The leverage of multiple sources of data for analysis to deliver a consumer-centric view

The automation of proven fieldwork tasks ensures consistency in research design and data output Ultimate ease-of-use of our analytical and reporting tools allows users insight discovery without the need of deep statistical knowledge.

Learn more

2. Enterprise Intelligence Platform

Our Enterprise Intelligence Platform assists you in measuring the key drivers of future growth. With our Enterprise Intelligence Platform you can measure not just the what, but also the why behind the what that drives business success.


With QuenchTec solutions you are able to measure and manage in real time and in an automated way:

  • Customer Feedback
  • Customer Services Satisfaction
  • Employee Satisfaction & Engagement
  • Partner and Supplier Satisfaction
  • Investor Satisfaction
  • Strategic Product and Market Evaluation

Linking our powerful API suite to CRM or HR systems will allow you to streamline the management of many types of Enterprise Feedback projects, Customer Satisfaction and Employee Feedback are two simple examples. Read more

3. Consulting Services

Our experienced teams engage with many clients in order to design and deliver efficient insights solutions that address their specific business needs.

This is where our experienced team at QuenchTec comes in and works with clients to:

  • create a vendor neutral, easy to use, analytics and reporting platform – to give key stakeholders access to the information they need at key decision making points to respond to critical needs
  • create insight discovery capabilities – make sense of collected data scattered throughout the organisation, which is usually stuck in silos and in disparate forms
  • deliver new efficiencies in market research operations – producing higher quality results and making them available at optimum points in the business planning process
  • embed best practices into technology – allow deployment globally

Challenge us. Give us a new problem – it’s what we do best. Speak to one of our consultants:

+44 20 3319 5124