I have a love/hate relationship with the A1(M), we’ve spent many hours together over the years, all the roundabouts have been taken out so it’s just one long road that goes on and on, lorries still insist on overtaking other lorries going uphill so us car drivers gather in our hundreds behind while they battle it out mile after mile.  Patience is a very precious resource!


The A1(M) takes me to Leeds

I love Leeds.  The market research community there is vibrant and energetic and where I have met many fantastic industry colleagues and made many friends as a consequence.  The great and the good met at the Malmaison Hotel for the MRS Consumer Moods event yesterday sponsored by ResearchBods which was extremely interesting, we were treated to 4 excellent presentations.  Yes, you really can apply Donald Trump electioneering techniques to brands with a hint of Boris and Farage thrown in for good measure and yes, advertising on Twitter is 3 times more effective than other social media apparently.

 Wine and canapés afterwards made for a very pleasant social event chatting with clients and friends  so I thank the A1(M) for paving the way there and back.  I’ll see you soon no doubt, old friend.