We had a chat with Bjørn Grønli about his new role as Head of Solutions at QuenchTec


Q. Hi Bjorn, could you tell us a bit about your new role as Head of Solutions at QuenchTec?


“As QuenchTec is expanding its focus area from traditional Market Research to include Corporate Marketers, new solutions that meets the needs of the corporate market, needs to be developed. My new position will assist QuenchTec in capturing and designing these new solutions. My prime function will be working in close collaboration with corporate marketers, to capture their needs for automated solutions, map those needs onto our current platform, and work with our development team to wrap our current technology with other components into integrated seamless applications.”

Q.2.How do you feel the role differs from Chief Technical Officer?


“As CTO the main responsibilities is for choosing our core technology platform and overlooking our core development. Also of course presenting and working with clients to bring our offering forward. In my new role, the focus will be shifted to engage and reach out to the corporate clients, to map out their needs for automated solutions.”

Q.3. Have you had any successes which you feel have led to this development?


“During the last couple of years we have engaged in automating solutions with several clients. In particular, for “VG” (Norway’s largest newspaper) we have created automated solutions for employee satisfaction and popup surveys. For “Color Line” (Norway’s largest ferry company), we have created a totally integrated system that trigger interviews from their CRM and booking systems, and report data directly back into their intranet dashboards, giving their employed direct feedback of KPI’s and other related information.”

Q.4. What do you feel you can bring to the role?


“Having an deep technological understanding , a good understanding of automation and a long experience from working in the market research field, I am very well positioned for taking on this role.”

Q.5 What are your aims for the future?


“My aim is to assist QuenchTec in reaching its goal of offering automated solutions that will transform the business of Market Research, from traditionally only being conducted by market research agencies, onto empowering corporate marketers to be in control an conduct most of the process themselves.”

Q.6. Anything else you’d like to add..?


“My biggest satisfaction in work, has always been to see a successful implementation, that can actually help our clients become more efficient and also give an easier and more fun daily working experience, seeing manual and lengthy work replaced with automated solutions.”


Thank you Bjørn Grønli