Over the last few years we‘ve observed that an increasing number of businesses have moved an enormous amount of hosted in-house solutions to the cloud. A move that QuenchTec welcomes, as we have now commissioned our own dedicated cloud hosting solution.


There are a huge number of reasons for moving to a hosted environment. Most importantly, we are committed to ensuring that all our clients get to feel the benefit of the move to a cloud environment.

After talking to our customers, we’ve found that the key drivers for moving to a Q_Hosting cloud based solution include:

  • Business Agility
  • Less Operational Issues
  • Better use of Resources
  • Less Capital Expense

Our Q_Hosting solution has been developed in partnership with a Swedish company called City Networks https://www.citynetworkhosting.com We chose to partner with City Networks because they are experts in their field and look after all infrastructure and data security issues. City Networks are certified with: ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO27001, ISO27015, ISO27018. You can find further information on City Networks at:


Enjoy the same level of expertise and security as large multinational businesses

Our new Q_Hosting cloud solution leaves us free to concentrate on providing the market research software our clients need. This is exactly the same reason why we recommend that our customers choose our cloud hosting solution. We know that none of us can allocate the same level of expertise and resource to data security and infrastructure reliability as City Networks. This Q_Hosting mrx cloud solution allows our clients to achieve the same level of IT security as large multinational businesses.

We asked our COO, Mark Van Walwyk to list some additional benefits of our Q_Hosting solution:

  • Installation Environment. We provide a recommended server specification for your software. Many of our clients who stay with a non-hosted solution, experience that some software issues can take an extended time to resolve, as they are caused by differences in environment
  • Server Uptime and reliability. Our servers have extremely high uptime. You can see the statistics for our data collection systems here http://uptime.mipro.net All our systems are monitored constantly and we have server ‘fallover’ This means that should any server experience any problems, it is automatically replaced by another server
  • Software Versioning and Features. It is much easier for us to upgrade your software on our hosted solutions, so means you are the first to get the newest versions of our software and are able to take advantage of new QuenchTec features. It can take time to schedule upgrades to local client installations at a convenient time for both sides
  • Cost effective. After we reviewed both equipment and staffing costs, the feedback from our clients has proved this our new cloud hosting is most cost effective solution

Of course, the most outstanding benefit is complete peace of mind

You don’t need to worry about the changes in compliance law or IT issues. Choose Q_Hosting and you simply let us do that for you.