WE’VE invested heavily in developing API functionality that takes the power of our products and integrates it into our clients businesses providing innovative solutions to their business issues. Our API offering is constantly expanding and this is one of the most exciting areas of the QuenchTec business where the ‘Everything is possible’ philosophy is alive and well. Here are just a few examples of the projects we have completed:

Mobile Phone Operator – Churn Solution.
When a subscriber switches to another operator an automatic SMS is sent to the subscriber with a link to a Q_Survey questionnaire. Data automatically is then pulled in from the survey using another of our APIs, and if certain criteria is met client-services personnel are alerted in order to try to convince subscriber not to switch.

Online Auction Site – Sale Team Efficiency
Following sales team meetings, an email is sent (triggered by their CRM system) with a link to a survey. Data from the survey is pulled back into the client CRM system via our API and presented on the internal CRM system.

National Newspaper – Job-Satisfaction survey.
Every 2 weeks a sample is selected from the HR system and a survey is sent out. Data is then pulled, automatically, from the survey via API and the results are published internally.

Large Commercial Bank – Automated Meeting Follow-Up
After a meeting with a bank consultant an SMS is sent to the client with a link to a Q_Survey questionnaire. Data from the survey is sent to the CRM system and reported via online dashboards to internal users. Further surveys are triggered based on the information passed to the CRM system.