We have been working with Color Line, the largest shipping line in Norway, in helping them to deliver on their customer centric policy.

Color Line is already known for the outstanding customer service and is the key ingredient in the company’s formula for success. They already had a customer survey tool, but needed a more flexible and a fully automated and events-triggered customer feedback system, seamlessly integrated with the CRM system. They needed a technology partner that they believed could deliver on these requests in a more flexible way.

After a thorough procurement process evaluating alternatives Color Line chose QuenchTec as their partner. With the fully integrated customer feedback management platform and dedicated team of experienced insights consultants, QuenchTec clearly understood their needs and therefore became an integral partner in delivering Color Line’s new customer feedback solution.

The Color Line and QuenchTec teams worked together to review all client touchpoints and to define event-triggered feedback processes which could be automated as well as captured and managed within the existing CRM system. QuenchTec embedded its enterprise feedback platform into Color Line’s business processes making sure all client touchpoints across all functions were captured. As a consequence of this deep integration through the power of APIs, Color Line is confident that no client touchpoint will be missed as an opportunity to collect valuable insights on how to improve the services and customer experience even further. An automated solution integrated with the company’s CRM system is then making sure that all feedback is reported back in real time – and further shared with the entire organisation to act upon via their respective departments.

There have been key features of improvements we have also implemented:

  • Going from 42+ questionnaires to 1
  • Automation of emailing directly from the CRM and sending 50+ CRM variables into questionnaire logic
  • Automation of ad hoc questionnaires to parts of the sample and tagging of questions to enable tailored reporting for different stakeholders

Through a questionnaire structure API, Color Line was able to automate changes to the questionnaire and through system APIs they can track new questionnaires and add these to their automated reporting.

We at QuenchTec really enjoyed working with Color Line on this project and their feedback make us proud: “QuenchTec has in an excellent way delivered our new client feedback system. With this, Color Line can rely on customer insights processes which are now fully automatedand captured in our CRM system – enabling us to deliver on our client-centric policy.”