The Online Community that speaks for itself

QuenchTec Community Panel is built inside a world-class control management system. This enables you to build a highly functional private online space to speak to your customers whenever you want about whatever you want, instantly and cost-effectively. QuenchTec Community Panel becomes quickly the most valuable asset for all your marketing, survey, product development and branding developments.

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QuenchTec Community Panel will change the way you do customer research

Engage with your audience and build one place to aggregate survey and behavioural data.

Social media integration

Multiple languages


More than one online community? We’ll help you create one site with multi-lingual content or several sites with individual languages or styles.

QuenchTec Community Panel is a scalable system that works for small online communities as well as large access panels. We create your website in your company style. Then you choose the features that suit your community.

QuenchTec Community Panel provides the ultimate way to engage with your respondents with all the added benefits of market leading QuenchTec sampling capabilities. 


Our intention is to make QuenchTec Community even more powerful, with more features and even easier to use.  With the growth of social media, QuenchTec Community has become more popular than ever and we’re continually making improvements.

We only launch new versions when we achieve breakthrough new features. Research, technology and development are in our DNA. That’s why we’ve just released new QuenchTec Community version 7. This latest version offers even more functionality and flexibility with important highlights including:

Unrivalled connectivity with your existing website

Automated incentive redemption

Compatibility with ANY data collection software

The programming ability within QuenchTec to develop the bespoke system was first class.

Patrick Diamond

Managing Director, Populus Data Solutions