Chatbot Survey Builder

Get better feedback and higher completion rates

by turning surveys into beautiful chatbot conversations

An innovative way for quick and easy feedback

Every day people and organizations ask for our opinions and feedback. There are so many surveys, polls and feedback forms that you won’t make any real impact on your research results if you are not heard above the traditional methodologies.

We believe having a conversation with participants provides more valuable feedback than just firing out questions. That’s why we created the Chatbot Survey Builder which is an innovative method to capture the right type of information through conversational design. People become more involved and interested in answering your questions!

You can use our Chatbot Survey Builder to get feedback for pretty much everything.


Ideal for smartphones but not limited for mobile. Works on all devices without any hassle to let people install an App first.


Tailored made in your corporate style or any custom design you like.

Interactive Questions

Large variation of standard and more interactive types of questions to capture the right type of information.

Data and Reporting

Secure login to view results in real-time and download the data in Excel, CSV or PDF.

Reach Everyone

Reach everyone, everywhere by email invites, SMS invites, Pop-up screen, QR Code, Website link or Panel company integration.


All our projects are tailored made which makes each Chatbot Survey unique. We help with  setting up your questions and advising you on the best layout and design.