Almost all companies talk about it but not all do something about it: creating a customer centric organisation.

We have been increasingly engaging with brands that are using survey technology to get a more intimate understating of their customers and to be closer to their employees. In all of these engagements automation is key to make such processes effective and efficient.

Here are the best practices we experienced working with brands in developing automated insights systems which support a customer centric approach.

Cross functional effort. No single function can achieve this on its own. It needs management buy-in and a cross-functional project team including marketing, market research, sales, customer service and operations to make this work. Successful project teams will have a clear definition of what a customer centric approach means for their organisations and what the key measures are. A cross functional team will also guarantee that all client touchpoints with the organisation are being captured.

Multiple data sets. Survey data can give a deep insight into what customers think but a combination of multiple data sources is needed to create an holistic view. That is why for Color Line we created a customer feedback solution which is seamlessly integrated with their CRM system. For a major bank we created an automated API call to the national registry of Norway to gain relevant company information (turnover, size, location etc.) to personalise the survey and reporting. Similarly, we have recently been involved in creating an automated insights solution for a National Health Authority; using multiple data sources aimed at raising national awareness of alcohol related issues at the workplace, as well as helping organisations in creating a healthy working environment and a job culture everybody can enjoy.

Automated system. Aristoteles said, “We are what we repeatedly do, excellence then is not an act but a habit”. Similarly, well run voice of the costumer efforts are not one-off measures but ongoing programs. Timing is also crucial. Being able to capture event triggered feedback and act appropriately requires a real time set up. But that will only work if processes are automated and work at scale. Color Line is a best practice on how to create a fully automated and events-triggered customer feedback system, seamlessly integrated with the CRM system.

Actionable Insights. To make the gained insights actionable at the speed the business requires, the research findings need to be embedded in the appropriate business processes. That is why QuenchTec embedded its enterprise feedback platform into Color Line’s business processes making sure all client touchpoints across all functions were captured. As a consequence of this deep integration through the power of APIs, Color Line is confident that no client touchpoint will be missed as an opportunity to collect valuable insights on how to improve the services and customer experience even further. An automated solution integrated with the company’s CRM systemis then making sure that all feedback is reported back in real time – and further shared with the entire organisation to act upon via their respective departments.

We at QuenchTec really enjoy working with brands on helping them to create a customer centric organisation and feedback like this makes us proud: “QuenchTec has in an excellent way delivered our new client feedback system. With this, Color Line can rely on customer insights processes which are now fully automated and captured in our CRM system – enabling us to deliver on our client-centric policy.” Kjetil Almvik,CRM team manager, Color Line