Analysis and Reporting

Find and share your insights

Data analysis and reporting is at the heart of our research platform. Use the most powerful yet easy to use analytics tool to make sense of your data and share the insights across your organisation.

Create and share reports in real time updated automatically all the time

Dig deeper into complex reports with an easy to use graphical interface containing an advanced analysis engine and real time dashboard reporting.

Upload Excel, SPSS .sav or Triple-S files and our system automatically detects and recreates all multiple-choice questions, including grid questions, so that you can view your imported data as a normal questionnaire with questions and answers.
Perform advanced analytics including statistical modelling like Chi2 and T-test with a few simple clicks. Process millions of questionnaires in seconds creating cross tables by simple drag and drop.
Anyone can create tables, charts, top-lines and even sophisticated target group analysis, by simple drag and drop. Preview and publish the results to Excel, Word, PowerPoint or automatically into dashboards.

Why clients use our analysis and reporting tools

  • Support analysis of millions of interviews in a few seconds
  • Create tables and charts in minutes, not hours
  • Direct export to Excel, Word and PowerPoint
  • Easy to create online reports
  • Target Group Analysis
  • End To End Integration with the rest of the system
  • Import and transform all your SPSS .sav, Excel or Triple-S file
Many users of simple systems could save themselves a lot of extra work if they chose to use a system like QuenchTec instead.
Kåre Sandvik

Professor, University College of southeast Norway