After years of working side by side as leading forces of market research technology innovation, we’ve learned what’s most important to you.

Streamline survey processes

Automate tasks

Execute projects fast

Now we’ve developed a range of innovative and adaptive products and services that allow you to grow more and more competitive.

We’ve built on our knowledge from combined years of experience at MARSC and MI Pro, to expand our corporate marketing solutions and empower you better than ever before:

More automation

Improved ease of use

Simpler integration with corporate data

The result

QuenchTec was born. A set of next generation tools, which empower you to apply agile and automated insight processes. So you can offer faster and better decision-making.

How? We encode deep tech and research domain expertise into powerful and easy to use applications. Now you can conduct research at the speed of the industry. These new processes can generate insights that will help you shape better informed business futures.

Deep MR domain expertise. Innovative technology. Easy-to-use applications

Traditional market research technology methods needed to be faster, easier and more reliable. QuenchTec deep tech allows you to focus on insights that will shape better business decisions and not waste time on processes.

Now, for the first time, you can access more agile technology processes to help you produce high quality, speedy feedback at a lower cost. We give you market research domain expertise, that we encode in easy to use applications.

Quicker, Quality, QuenchTec

QuenchTec is a new best of two intelligences, faster moving research processes. High-end, integrated, easy-to-use, end-to-end automated solutions that reduce time and cost all the way from questionnaire through to report.

QuenchTec tools fulfill the needs of both high-pressure MR agencies and corporate brands. Designed, automated, integrated and tailored to exactly match your approach. Simplicity itself, in one all round MR tech solution that puts data to work.

History of QuenchTec

QuenchTec sampling and panel management originates from a mix of MARSC tools and services and MI Pro systems software. Both individually launched in 2000 and continuously developed and improved ever since to respond to customer needs.

Welcome to your next generation of insight applications

Today, with over 15 years of experience in designing, developing and implementing the ultimate Market Research IT tools together, QuenchTec is bursting with world leading, sampling systems technology.


At QuenchTec we’ve made a decision to focus our investment and development on online research, leading to an unrivalled range of technology products that span:

Online Recruitment & Community Engagement

Panel Management & Sampling

Survey Creation

Data Collection

Data Processing

Reporting & Analysis

Our mission is to create an evolving range of best of breed market research tools that enable you to apply nimble automated insight processes. The results gather intelligence and combine data to improve better, faster decision making.


It’s our core values that guide our actions. We aim to make a difference through our team of dedicated professionals. You can rely on our people to focus on your needs, deliver on promises and contribute to real, sustainable growth.


QuenchTec Core Values







Satisfy your thirst for better, faster, easier market research technology.