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Automation in Research for Doing Good

Automation in Research for Doing Good Automation has become a key theme at any consumer insights conferences and webinars. We at QuenchTec have also written a series of blogs about the effect of automation in market research. Automation has mostly been linked to...

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DJS Research adopts QuenchTec

UK-based full service market research agency DJS Research has adopted QuenchTec’s reporting solution, Q_Alytics, for its DP department and the wider Exec team across their two offices in Leeds and Stockport. DJS Research, recently nominated for the Aura Trusted...

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Market Research

Working in a market research agency? Surrounded by shouts of “Research has to get faster! We want more complex, more efficient… Community Insights! Segmenting! Qual & Quant Analysis! Targeted surveys! NOW!”?

Take a breath, have a cucumber smoothie. There is a way that you can increase efficiency, produce knockout reporting, and sharpen your performance. Ready for the next generation of insight tools? Introducing a seamless, integrated, faster, whizzier, cleverer than ever before system.

It’s called Q_


Let’s get that brand out there. Through Customer insights and Communities, people can experience your brand, like it, remember it, switch to it and spread the word about it.

You need powerful surveys and a genius to deal with the survey data. We’ve put together some of the best brains in the business to give you a solid, seamless, integrated system, based on years of experience, bright ideas and intelligent ways ahead. Step out for a latte, stay on top of your MR insights and keep your brand on top.

It’s called Q_

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Brilliance. Intelligence. Wizardry.

These are the words that we’re happy to hear every day associated with our range of insight products and services. It’s the reason why we’ve focused our investment on developing an unrivalled range of online research technology solutions. Interested?

Our expert team are here to guide you through every stage of implementation, training, and ongoing support to ensure that your projects hit the high notes.


Join the Q_

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Behind our amazing Q_products and services, you’ll find a number of equally amazing ways to get all the help you want, in the way you want it and when you want it.

Online chat, FAQs, Q& As, articles, screenshots, videos and advice. Our Q_Help desk is open 24/7 and we have a special Help section of the website, to give you quick, on-topic answers.


We’ve got a team of uber geeks here who like nothing better that giving out advice and training on our Q_products and market research insights technology.

Nothing peps us up more than showing our brilliance, so go on, test us. Give us a real challenge – a zesty project management, technical or program issue that we can enjoy sorting out in moments.

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What are people saying about QuenchTec?

QuenchTec has not only improved the efficiency of our operations but is also a value-added offering used in our sales efforts.

Jason Zweig

Vice President of Online Services, Canadian Viewpoint

The programming ability within QuenchTec to develop the bespoke system was first class.

Patrick Diamond

Managing Director, Populus Data Solutions

Many users of simple systems could save themselves a lot of extra work if they chose to use a system like QuenchTec instead.

Kåre Sandvik

Professor, University College of southeast Norway