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One powerful yet easy to use suite for all your research needs

Collaborate, collect, analyze and securely share results with just a few clicks



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Measure, learn, act and automate

You can do all of this on our powerful yet easy to use Insight Generation Platform.

Gain insights at the speed of your business so you can delight your customers, build a strong brand and control the key drivers of future growth.


Market Research

Take control with our fully integrated operating system for insight generation. All the way from survey design and panel management to data collection, data processing, analysis and reporting.

Brand Management

Understand the market trends and optimise your marketing investments knowing which measures deliver the desired brand experiences and results.

Enterprise Intelligence

Measure the key drivers of future growth, from product development to customer satisfaction. Measure not just the what, but also the why behind the what that drives business success.

Insights Automation

Apply agile and automated insights processes to keep up with ever-changing business needs. Shorten research processes through automation but without compromising on proven research methodologies.

Why our clients choose QuenchTec



Powerful yet easy to use

You will immediately feel at home using the most sophisticated insight generation platform.

Powerful reporting, amazing visualisation of your data, even sophisticated target group analysis, by simple drag and drop.


Deep Integration

Take the power of our insights solutions and integrate them seamlessly into our business processes.

Link our powerful API suite to your CRM or HR systems to streamline Customer Satisfaction and Employee Feedback projects as you have never seen it before.



Researchers and marketers ask us for applications to help adopt more agile research processes.

We’ve made a difference by introducing automation where appropriate and where it counts …. and never, ever at the expense of proven research methodologies.


Deep domain expertise

We understand Tech, we understand the Insight Generation Process.

Our experienced teams engage with many clients to design and deliver efficient insights solutions that address their specific business needs.